Here are some kind words given by my clients and colleagues from around the world;
  • I have known kathy for many years . She is a family friend and love her dearly but last year I needed her not only as friend but also as healer and she was right by my side, all the way. Cant recommend her enough as part of your healing process. She will be there with you and everything will change after her intervention.
    Gabriela Vicent
    Rockhampton, Queensland
  • “I have known Kathy for a number of years and she has provided me with many readings which have all been peerless in their accuracy and valuable to me at each point in my life. Kathy’s warmth, insight and generosity with her knowledge make her a truly gifted person. In recent years I have recommended her to friends, and without exception, every person has been thankful for the introduction. I wholeheartedly endorse Kathy’s abilities to provide insight not available to the average person, and help those looking for guidance.”  Michael Player
  • “Kathy was recommended to me by a very close friend of mine after the fact that I have moved to London and have had some trouble finding my feet here. 
    The difference in hemispheres was no trouble for Kathy and she was able to give me a reading via Skype, which is just wonderful.
    Kathy made me feel comfortable straight away and was very precise. She is also a very warm and friendly person yet with matter of fact articulation that is very professional. 
    I hadn’t told Kathy anything about my situation, and infact part of the problem was that I couldn’t illuminate myself what it was that was holding me back. 
    Everything that Kathy told me during our 1 hour session made sense, and with my problems explained to me by my great grandfather through Kathy, I was encouraged in the right direction. 
    I have felt a better sense of peace, understanding and momentum on my path since my reading with Kathy and Ive already recommended her to another friend of mine who has an appointment booked with her this week.
    I highly recommend Kathy and will be looking forward to speaking with her again soon.”
    Jade Roberts
    London UK 
     “ Dear Reader,
    I will begin by saying Kathy is a truly remarkable woman and I am very grateful for her friendship and deeply respect her important work with Spirit. 
    As a Psychic Medium, Kathy has a very special gift; she reads with an openness that allows a two-way flow between the client and the world of Spirit, and I feel that she has a unique and very privileged access to the dimension of Spirit. Kathy is a very generous and loving Medium, allowing the important messages of Spirit to flow through her. She speaks with compassion and feeling, and explains the messages in terms of the intensity of the Spirit who is speaking; sometimes the words are verbatim and flow in a fast stream, other times Spirit will show Kathy images or express a feeling. Kathy is open to questions and will facilitate a conversation between the client and those in Spirit if that is needed.
    My personal readings with Kathy have always been remarkable, and she is in fact the first Medium I have ever consulted, as I did not feel I trusted this technique until I met Kathy.
     These experiences have enhanced and developed my own connection with Spirit, my Guides, and most importantly, Kathy has helped to heal some deeply troubled relationships with family members on Earth and in Spirit. Working with Kathy has also allowed some past life remembering and clearing which was very much needed, and for this I will be eternally grateful!
    I whole-heartedly endorse Kathy and support her beautiful and important work.”
    Imogen McCarthy (Tarot Reader and Healer)
    It was so uplifting today, and felt so freeing. Thanks for giving us so much insight and for David a weight lifted off his shoulders. He is on the phone as we speak telling his Dad about today!!!!!!
    Nikky (Rockhampton QLD)


  • “Your reading helped me to feel comfort during a very difficult time. Your accuracy and insight were amazing. Thank you so much!” Nicole

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